Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Meet De'Nicea Hilton Harper, author of upcoming book, “I Am Perfect! Your Z-A Playbook to Embrace, Embody and Express Your Perfect Authentic Self” and founder of The Perfect PlayGround, a community for women who desire to be amongst others who celebrate and encourage her along the way in her Perfect Healing Journey.⠀

As she was practicing in Women’s Health, De’Nicea saw a link between the physical conditions women were experiencing and the lack of awareness and expression of the inner Self. So now, De’Nicea’s on a mission of mitigating Women’s Health experiences by creating Playful Healing Spaces for Women to Embrace, Embody and Express Her Perfect Authentic Self.⠀

Check out Vanessa's conversation with De'Nicea about taking a holistic approach to maintaining our menstrual health!

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